Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How many friends can I lose with this?

welcome to #Occupymyweek day 1

OK. Time for me to weigh in on this current situation. For a week. Srsly.

First a few words about partisanship. There is lots of finger pointing and ugliness along party lines. "Republicans are bad","No, democrats are bad". I say fuck them both.
Due to certain lines drawn in the sand by these two parties I would side with the Democrats if anybody, but wait, I'm not done yet. While the Republicans tend to villanize the Occupy movement, the Democrats want to spoon with them. But that doesn't mean I trust them, they haven't delivered the change we demand yet either. A lot of my lefty friends might be upset about this post, but look who's in office and look what's happening (yes, i understand the seeds were planted earlier than this administration, but nothing has really changed, and yes, Obama [don't give me any crap! Seriously. Gays can now join the military and go get killed in wars but still can't get married? Washington state works towards legalization of marijuana, but federal drug laws take precedent, and 14 of our dispensaries are raided? wasn't the war on drugs a Reagan thing?] is sleeping with the enemy). I understand some people will get in line with the Republicans based on religious and gun issues alone (which is interesting to me as church and state are supposed to be separate, and it has NEVER been illegal to own a gun in the U.S. and I don't suspect that it ever will be). But all of that aside we need to recognize that ALL politicians are responsible for the current mess we are in, not one or the other. The problem is with our system. If anyone thinks that special interests and lobbyists never gave anything to Obama then they are fools. Obama is bought and paid for like every other politician in America. I am not hating on him specifically, I just find it interesting that the ire of many seems to be leveled solely at the Republicans, as though they alone are the problem. Newsflash! You are wrong. the capital in our capitol is the real problem.

The fact that we elect officials who in turn allow themselves to be bought off by big business feels like the proverbial slap in the face. It kills me that some people are only upset with big business, (and maybe those "damn Republicans"). The politicians are elected by the people to serve our interests, yet they sell us out regularly for any special interest group (i.e.- big oil, banks, tobacco, corn, Halliburton) that gave them enough dough. That is the root of the problem. I saw an interview with Michael Moore (the left-wing liberal poster boy) on Piers Morgan Tonight where he basically placed the blame squarely on big business. He stated (non-verbatim) that politicians who supported big business interests over that of the common man were just being good employees, as they work for these corporations that paid them off, so we can't get mad at the politicians only the corporations who pull their puppet strings. WHAT?! Are you fucking serious?! WE elect these politicians, they should never have sold themselves off to begin with, the blame lies squarely on their shoulders for that. The spineless money grubbing bastards need to be reminded that they serve the people and not money.

Hopefully thousands of Americans taking to the streets and expressing malcontent for the current state of political affairs will make the politicians take notice that they are being watched and that we are fed up. We will see. Or maybe this raging smear campaign/PR war we see on the nightly news will prevail, but that is another topic for another day this week. Stay tuned true believers...


  1. Libertarian Sock-puppet: "It's all the government's fault!

    Wall-Street Democrat sock-puppet: "It's all the big Banks fault"

    It's called collusion and a revolving door, people. They're all fucking all of us. As the prophet George Carlin said- "You don't have Leaders, you have Owners."

  2. I am with you Captain, I believe it is the system as well as ALL of the dingle berries in office who are not working in favor for the common good of the people.
    I agree with the Carlin quote from above. I think the idea then is to move away from being owned. i.e.- Don't support the owners. I think that's why I have really become so interested in homesteading/survivalism (check out my blog, sorry, I had to do some self promotion, hehe). And I think those skills are more closely linked to a system of anarchy. Or, if we're fortunate (in my opinion), syndicalism or some social system.